Directorate of Mines & Geology
Government of Goa


To promote sustainable mining of resources and mineral development in line with the environment and legal frame work so as to provide livelihood opportunities and improve living standard in mining affected areas.


There are four sections in the Department i.e.

1) Administrative Section :
→ To look after administrative matters efficiently.

2) Accounts Section :
→ Preparation of budget and to look after all financial matters.

3) Technical Section :
→Enforcement of Mining Legislation. MMDR Act 1957, MCR 1960,The Goa (Prevention of illegal miming, transportation and storages)Rules 2013, District Mineral Foundation Trust Rules 2015, The Goa Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1985.
→ The Legislations indirectly enforced by the Directorate are MCDR 1988, Mines Act, 1952 and Environmental Protection Act, 1986.
→Grant of mining leases and quarrying leases in major and minor minerals.
→Inspection and regulation of minor and major minerals leases.
→Collection of Royalty, Dead rent, Surface rent, DMF, NMET, GIOPF, uncollected Revenue & other dues.
→ Curbing of illegal mining activities and recovery of losses made to the State exchequer by the extractors.
→E-auction of iron ore which was extracted between 2007 to 2012.

4) Statistical Section :
→ To monitor/maintain the statistical data pertaining to the Department.

Short Term Goals

→ Approve Quarrying plans of existing Minor Mineral leases (79 Nos).
→ As far as Minor Minerals is concerned, amendments are proposed to The Goa Minor Mineral Rules, 1985 to streamline the procedure for approval of quarrying plans and grant of quarrying leases.
→ Impose processing fee for Minor Minerals imported in the State.

Medium Term Goals

→ Ensure commencement of sand extraction activity granting permits.
→ To carry out Assessment of all leases and recover dues payable, if any.
→ Restart sustainable mining depending upon the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Long Term Goals

→ To ensure mapping of mineral resources for the State of Goa using modern technology.
→ E-auction of mineral resources.

Strategic Planning

→ To levy fees/import duty for minor minerals which are being imported from the neighboring States other countries, by way of amending Rule 47 of The Goa Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1985.
→ Implementation of The District Mineral Foundation (Trust) Fund for minor minerals.
→ Increasing of Royalty rates for minor minerals.
→ Proposed amendment in rule 7 of The Goa Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1985 to promote ease of doing business.
→ Fast track clearance of quarrying lease application in a time bound manner through online system (proposed).
→ Recovery of pending dues with respect to minor minerals.
→ Setting up of check posts at the entry points for effective monitoring of minor minerals which are imported from the neighboring States with training modules for the enforcement cell of the department.
→ Frequent checks and inspections for minor mineral transportation to check the illegal activities and to prevent leakage of revenue.
→ The sand permits/licenses will be issued once the environmental studies are completed and the extraction shall be permitted in adherence to the environmental norms for systematic and scientific sand mining.
→ Dump mineral policy to be formulated.
→ Recovery of pending dues from the lease holders.
→ E-auction of balance ore after the 23rd e-auction.

Action Plan

→ To carry out amendments to the Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1985 in a time bound manner.
→ To carry out the 24th E-auction of iron ore.
→ To ensure recovery of penalties and dues payable by the violators/defaulters pertaining to the major & minor minerals.
→ For effective implementation of the vision by coordinating with other line Departments.