Directorate of Mines & Geology
Government of Goa

RTI Nodal Officers

Right to Information Act 2005 came into force for its enactment from 12th October 2005 to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority in India. Under the act we are committed to provide following information on this website to every citizen of India. The Directorate of Mines has designated the following Officers under RTI Act,2005.

    Shri Ameya Abhyankar

  • Director First Appellate Authority

  • Off:- (0832) 2425291

    Mrs. Neha A. N Panvelkar

  • Assistant Director of Mines and Geology

  • State Public Information Officer

  • Off:- (0832) 2425287

    Dr. Deepak N Mayenkar

  • Assistant Geologist

  • State Assistant Public Information Officer

  • Off:- (0832) 2426431