Directorate of Mines & Geology
Government of Goa

Mineral Resources of Goa - LATERITE

  • Nearly two third of the area of Goa is covered by a mantle of laterite ranging in thickness from a couple of meters to over 25 mts.
  • Maximum thickness of laterite is observed along the coast in the west and minimum along the Ghat section in the East.
  • The laterites in Goa are generally formed from Quartz-chlorite-Amphibole Schist, Pink ferruginous phyllite, Schitose metabasalt & Metagreywacke.
  • The laterite in Goa are used in construction activity as laterite boulders and laterite stones (Locally called as “chira”).
  • The laterite stones are used in construction activity because of their peculiar nature of being soft while cutting and becomes hard after use.
  • Earlier the extraction of laterite was being carried by manual method.
  • Now the same has seen replaced by machinery, normally Power Tiller fitted with Laterite Cutting Blades.