Directorate of Mines & Geology
Government of Goa


The Directorate of Mines and Geology looks after the work of mineral administration.It is also responsible for implementation of the following legislations even though these legislations are enforced by other agencies:
The Mineral Conservation and Development Rules 1988.
The Mines Act 1952 and the rules made there under.

Here we provide a tool, enabling you to track the status of a vehicle and barge in real time.Click here to track.
Detail overview of mining in goa has been concluded on the website home page.

This website also provide information on various Minor Minerals reserves like Basalt,Laterite, River sand, Laterite-Rubble, Laterite-boulders, Pebble, Murrum and Lime Shell & the Major Minerals reserves like are Bauxite, Iron ore, Manganese ore etc.

Location list of Jetty and leases along with Registered Weigh-Bridge & Configured Weigh-Bridge information is provided on the sidebar.

Various projects covered by district mineral foundation are brought into notice on this website.

What kind of services are provided here?

    We enable you to track the status of a vehicle and barge in real time.
    We provide details of the mining areas within each taluka's.

Where can I find latest updates?

    Latest Updates are being displayed on the home page.

Where can I find the Forms?

    Forms are avilable in the pdf format in the link provided on the sidebar.

Where can I find the rates of the minerals?

Where can I find the location list?

Where can I find the registered & configured weigh bridge details?