Directorate of Mines & Geology
Government of Goa

Director’s Message


Consequent upon the setting up of an independent Directorate of Mines & Geology, I am pleased to announce the website.

Goa is endowed with abundant mineral resources which require to be fully and fruitfully utilized to achieve the ultimate objective of improving the quality of life of the people. The Directorate of Mines & Geology is entrusted with the functions of regulating the grant of mineral concessions and it is necessary that adequate information on the existing mining activity and mineral resources is available to the public. It is in this context that the Directorate is pledged to provide all facility help, support and information to potential investors in the mineral sector as well as public at large.

I assure you that every query related to the activity of mineral resources is attended to at the earliest and the citizen gets the proper information in time.

Ameya Abhyankar
Director of Mines & Geology